‘ICT´s have to be a tool for all the people’


As soon as Kemly Camacho starts talking about her work, it’s clear to see how passionate she is. Now the General Coordinator, she was one of the founding members of workers’ cooperative and social enterprise Sulá Batsú in 2005.

Sulá Batsú is based in Costa Rica and works to strengthen Central American social enterprises, community networks and social movements.

Camacho began her working life in the private sector as a computer engineer but went on to study anthropology and is now a university lecturer in both subjects. ‘Since the beginning I felt that there was something to do with humanity which needed to be integrated into computer engineering,’ she explains.

‘I always say to the computer engineering students that it’s very close to social science – they don’t like the idea at the beginning, but really computers and informatics are crucial for society,’ says Camacho. ‘What’s happening in information and communication now depends a lot on computers and informatics.’

It’s these professionals who are developing the platforms for information and communication processes in the society. It’s very close to the social, it’s very close to what happens in development.’

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