Visualisation as storytelling: adding ‘process’ to the ‘pretty’

By Simon Colmer (OKDS Information Projects Officer)

The prevalence of data visualisation has grown enormously in the last 5 years – in part due to the increase and availability of big data, open data and open source software and tools. Visualisations now, rather than supporting text-based stories with evidence, appear as the evidence themselves, telling the story with graphical representations of numbers and words. In this interpretative process, there is a danger of misrepresenting the data to fit the story, so a clear decision-making process needs to be in place to ensure the right visualisation techniques are used to accurately represent the data, explore your research findings and create a compelling visual narrative.

We recently used visualisation techniques to explore responses from an online survey conducted as part of IDS and CCHI research on Transgender peoples and livelihood options in Vietnam. This blog focuses not on the outputs of our research but attempts to share learning on the complex process and journey through visualising online survey data.

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